Dr. Mustafa Emre Tasci

Mustafa Emre TASCI is a lecturer in Management, Organisation  and Aviation areas at Istanbul Commerce University in Business Faculty. 

Mustafa Emre TASCI has double major bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration and in International Relations from Beykent University and a master’s in Business Administration from Yıldız Technical University in Social Sciences. Besides he has his Phd in Management and Organisation from Istanbul Commerce University. His another Phd study is ongoing in Organisational Behaviour at Yıldız Technical University in Social Sciences.

Mustafa Emre TASCI also studied organisational behaviour and he is specialized in innovation, change management, strategy and international business . Mustafa Emre TASCI had worked as an executive in Aviation Industry around 10 years starting with Gate Gourmet which is a worldwide Airline Service Provider and continued his career at Turkish DO&CO as Commercial Coordinator which is a JV of Turkish Airlines and DO&CO. He has also worked as a consultant in innovative business performance for some of the companies in Istanbul.