Mtra. Monique Zijp

Monique ZijpMonique Zijp

  • Senior lecturer Concept Development, Fontys School of Fine and performing Arts
  • Head of Program minors Art & Context, minor Art, Creating and Research, Fontys School of Fine and performing Arts
  • Senior lecturer Creative Thinking, Fontys Academy for Creative Industries


Monique is a lecturer in Creative Thinking at Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts and at Fontys Acedemy for Creative Industries. She is the head of program of two minors: Art in Context and Art, Creating and Research. There she develops and innovates creative education.

Monique runs her own enterprise as a coach in concept development and identity for artists and other professionals in creative industry.

And she is managing director at EELT Theatercollectief an interdisciplinary group of professional artists, realising site specific theatre and community art projects.

At Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts she developed a course in artistic concept development to support developing artists in creating distinctive and personal projects. The method is based upon the existing similarities in the creative process of concept development in different disciplines such as music, design, dance, film, visual arts and theatre. The focus of the course has broadened since then and coming from an artistic background, she founded the actual course in perceptions of the creative process in the artistic practice.

Monique soon started co-creating and launched a format of ongoing innovation in the course by involving new lecturers with fresh input at every possible occasion. The enhancing theoretical foundations for the practical tools and steps in the course were added by her colleague Mr. Chris Gribling from his recent theoretical studies on creativity. By applying these insights in a broader context the content of the course Creativity and Personality is widely received as being refreshing, challenging and inspiring for the individual participants coming from various professional backgrounds.

Monique’s vision and mission:

The creative process is the best laboratory to research the important societal themes because it is full of new perspectives and it is playful yet serious. The aim in all her activities is: to give people access to their personal creativity to make this creativity productive in a positive way.


  • Coming up:

CPSI 2016 Buffalo, New York, USA

  • Recently:

ELIA Conference 2015, The European League of Institutes of the Arts, Tilburg Netherlands

Fontys Partner Day 2015 – Paisley – Scotland, Great Brittain

SXSW EDU 2014, Austen, Texas, USA,

  • In the past:

Emely Carr College of Art, Vancouver, Canada

Alberta University, Edmonton, Canada

The Banff Centre of Fine Arts, Canada