Mtra. Clémence Samson

Clémence SamsonClémence was born in the 80’s in Cannes, on the French Riviera. After spending most of her childhood in the south of France, she moved to Paris to study the art of editing at the ESEC (International School of Cinema). Passionate about many forms of aesthetic narratives, Clémence embraced the art of editing as specialization, from which she moved on to explore various other sides of her creativity. After graduating with honours in editing and special effects, she dove into the world of the French Cinema.

Initially taking the role of a work-in-progress editor in one of the best teams of animators worldwide on Cesar nominee animated movie « Zarafa », she soon moved on to work on several acclaimed live action feature films, such as « Populaire » and « La Cage Dorée ».

After collaborating with Palme d’Or winner director Laurent Cantet on « Foxfire », she worked on the editing of « My Sweet Pepper Land », a Kurdish motion picture directed by Hiner Saleem and nominated at the Cannes Film Festival.

She currently lives between Los Angeles and Paris working with international directors.