Esteban Armendariz, BA

Esteban ArmendarizBehavior Analyst & Behavioral Consultant is the director of Los Horcones, a consulting, training and Therapy Center that provides services to kids, families and schools. He designs, and supervises home-based programs for families of children with autism, attention deficit, or learning disabilities.

Esteban Armendariz runs a residential program for adults with autism, down syndrome he also provides consulting and training services to schools in USA and Mexico. He conducts Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA) and provides training on classroom behavior management and effective instruction. Esteban Armendariz has more than 15 years of experience on working with kids with autism spectrum.

He has a associated and close collaboration with Dr. Fernando Armendariz the director of FABAS agency in Tucson, Arizona, who provides behavioral services to families and schools.

He study with the most important and influential people in Behavior Analysis and Autism such  Dr. Ivar O. Lovaas, Dr. Jack Michael, Tomas Jesus Carrasco from the Spain University, and Personal trainer to improve Dr Richard W. Malott Phd, BCBA_D behavior analytic skills, and work ethic.

His Center won in 1999, The International Dissemination of Behavioral Analysis Award.